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How do you describe your style of photography?

I look for natural, spontaneous moments and delicate details.

I employ a photojournalistic style that hones in on organic interactions from unique perspectives while staying practically invisible to you and your guests. I aim to leave nothing out.

During your photos on location I become visible, engaging with the bridal party and couple; I`ll have you laughing, place you in stunning scenes and guaranteeing a beautifully crafted series of images while keeping you at ease – it`s a lot of fun.

We love your portfolio and services but what really sets you apart from other wedding photographers?

I don`t let anything to get in the way of a good photo. I`m OCD.

Seriously I like things to be organised, I don`t cope with untidiness, if there is a mess in the background I will move it on the day, a pimple at your wedding will annoy me more then you and I will remove it from every photo. If I need to climb a tree or lie in a puddle to get the right angle, I will do it. I will put together a run-sheet with all the timings so your makeup artist and cars can arrive on time.

Great Photos is the top reward to me.That is the energy to support me all times.

For Pre-Wedding, is the package include all make up service?

Yes.All pre-wedding package will include professional make up service.

Our experience make up artist will follow you for all time.She will take care of all outfit.

Is All packages A /B/ C include night time photoshoot?

For night shots, It is does NOT matter what package you may chose.

It just need to put the start time little late.

So feel free to tell us your idea.

How about the pre-wedding photo-shot day transportation ?

The transportation may include at all packages.

We have big 4WD to carry all crew for locations.

You only need to take care the parking fee for this locations.

How can we chose the photo locations? Do you provide suggestions?

Of course, you can chose the locations as you like.
But, in the other hand, consider the time/schedule/light/Location limitations/photo-styles, we have a regularity update document name: MAIN PHOTO LOCATION INTRODUCTIONS available.
It will give you basic information for reference.
Ask our staff for PDF file copy in first consultation.

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